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Are you a mom who is ready to fast track your way to creating a 6-figure business that you can run from your home?

You've come to the right place!

The world needs more Empowered "Mompreneurs" (Mom Entrepreneurs!)

Will you be one of them?
Dear Beautiful Mama
This is the day you STOP struggling. 

How would you like to create a 6 figure income (without working yourself to death or giving up all your time with your children!)?

Juggling raising kids and trying to start your own business is no easy task but it IS possible. And after becoming a single mom and building a thriving consulting business I ran from my home, I can tell you it IS doable.  

And I'm here to help you do exactly that. But first, let's talk about YOU mama... 

You are ready to launch your dream business so you can create the income and lifestyle you and and your family deserve. 

You are brilliant at what you do and have a meaningful message to share with the world.  But, you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there.  

You've consumed tons of free content about how to build a successful business online but let's be honest, you haven't truly mastered marketing and putting it all together and making it happen is well...confusing.
  • You have incredible ideas but you need serious guidance  on where to start.
  • You struggle with feelings of self-doubt and the old "i'm not good enough to make this happen." track is stuck on replay in your head.
  • You are seriously overwhelmed with trying to make it as a momprenuer.
  • You are working too many hours trying to get your business going and you still aren't making the money you should.
  • You started your business to have more time for yourself and your kids but you feel exhausted, stressed, stretched to the max.
You want a better life for you and your family. You want to be able to regularly work out, get massages, and take care of yourself in the best way possible. You want to be able to hire someone to help you cook and clean.

You dream of going on epic vacations to places like Italy and Hawaii. You want to want to spend precious time with those you love without being a crazy stressed-out mama mess.

The solution is simple.

You need to start building the foundation for your dream business so you can make a lot more money and have the lifestyle you've always wanted.

The world doesn't need more struggling mompreneurs. We need empowered mamas who take action, create successful businesses, and serve the world in a much bigger way. 
If you are over fumbling through the dark with this whole entrepreneur thing and are committed to making your business dreams a reality, I'm here to show you the way.

It starts with recognizing your unique gifts, creating your vision, and then mapping out your strategy for success.

It's time to take responsibility for your life and for your family's future.  It's time to start making real money by owning your creative powers and sharing your brilliance with the world.
"As a new business owner, I feel SUPER lucky to someone of Jessica's caliber of wisdom, full-heartedness, and creativity for marketing as my coach. She really understands my business, its needs and the BIG picture! With her help, my business is thriving in it's first year."
"Jessica is AMAZING! She literally helped me to build all aspects of my online business from the ground up. For anyone looking to take their business to the next level, she’s your girl!"
D. Zappasodi, International Best-Selling Author & Speaker
Who am I
and why did I create
The 6 Figure Mama
Live Coaching Program?
I'm Jessica, and I'm a savvy business strategist, success mentor and The Mompreneur Coach™.

My mission is to empower mamas with the confidence and tools necessary to build a lucrative online business they can run from home (or anywhere in the world for that matter.)

But I wasn't always clear on how to build a thriving business with consistent income and I certainly wasn't fulfilling my bigger mission of empower women nor charging my clients what I really should.

After struggling to rebuild my consulting business when I had my daughter, I realized something had to change.

Prior to launching my coaching program for mompreneurs, I...
  • Supported local businesses in generating serious revenue through strategic marketing campaigns
  • Headed up the marketing strategy of a global healthcare company
  • Raised over $250K for a startup in San Diego
  • Moved to Thailand and built a lucrative marketing consulting practice which I ran from my home
  • Traveled to China on behalf of my clients to expand their network of influence.
Even though I had a great deal of experience in marketing, it didn't translate into instantly making lots of money consulting...until  I started to truly value my talents.

This meant changing my beliefs around money and what my time was worth.

It meant charging more money for my services and turning down business opportunities with people I knew would be draining.

It also meant putting systems in place to make attracting the right  clients easy.
So I increased my fees and  my business began to take off.  I set up systems to help me make MORE money while working LESS time.

I had my first $9,000 month!  

Trust me, it IS possible and you don't have to stress out trying to figure this all out on your own.

I'm here to teach you what you need to know to grow your business. The time for struggling is over!
When you own your power and truly value your talents, making money becomes easy.
    Jessica is fabulous to work with. She helped me to launch my dream business and create a brand I am proud of. I am always in awe with the creativity and innovation she brings. She has a knack for thinking outside the box, turning vision from paper to reality and delivering the WOW factor!

    Terri Heeter
    President of Beyond Borders Dental
    Jessica is incredibly talented and an absolute joy to work with. Her ideas are creative, strategic, and yield great results! If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend working her.  You won't be disappointed!

    Naimeh Tanha
    Business Consultant
    The 6 Figure Mama is an exclusive 6 week Live Group Coaching program that teaches you will step-by-step how to hone in on your vision, create your first offer online, brand your business, start building your list, and attract customers now. 

    This program is your quick start guide to launching your big idea.

    The 6 Figure Mama Live Coaching Program will give you the confidence and tools to get your idea out of your head and up online so that you can start creating the income you desire.
    Design a Signature Package of Services That Sell.
    Create an Irresistible Offer That Attracts  Clients.
    Have Sales Conversations With Ease. 
    Because you want to make money doing what you love....
    Taking a 9-5 job is out of the question. You are a busy mom and you want the freedom and flexibility to work on your schedule, on your terms, and from your home. You want to use your talents to create a profitable business that will give you a significant income you can use not only to support your family but to enhance your entire lifestyle. You are looking for someone to help cut through the confusion and give you a clear path to getting your first online offering out there so you can start making money right away.
    Because you want time for yourself and to spend with the people you love...
    You aren't looking to build a business that consumes you and all your time with your children. You want a business that allows you to make more money working less hours so that you have the time to take care of YOU and go to yoga or the gym or to get a massage or your nails done.  You want to be able to spend QUALITY time with your kids where you are present, balanced, and healthy. You want time to enjoy hobbies and to meet with friends.
    Because you are tired for settling for less...
    You see others out there on social media, sharing their message and making money online. You know you are capable of greatness and that you have gifts to share with the world. You are tired of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere with your business. You are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your business a success and creating  the lifestyle and income you deserve.  
    "Jessica is FABULOUS to Work With!"
    Theresa Bullard, Founder of Quantra Leadership Academy
    When you fully commit to making your business happen, anything is possible.
      "If you are serious about growing and scaling your business offer, work with Jessica. She has proven knowledge and experience in growing online businesses, while balancing her life with her daughter and her other offline passions. Jessica can help you create or multiply your online profits, attract tons of new clients, and turn them into your raving fans. If you are a mom and are interested in making your home-based business dreams come not hesitate to work with Jessica!"

      Lindsay Sacks
      Founder of The Freelance School
      Jessica has a brilliant way of navigating business strategy. Through her coaching, I was able to create a business blueprint to fast track me to success. Jessica has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I encourage anyone to seek her wisdom as a valuable resource for beginning, growing, and/or supporting your business!"

      Yemanya Carey
      Founder of The Spiritual Wisdom School

      The 6 Figure Mama Live Coaching Program is for you if you are an Aspiring Mompreneur and...
      • You have incredible ideas but need guidance on what to focus on that will make you money.
      •  You are overwhelmed by the amount of marketing information out there.
      •  You are afraid that maybe "you aren't good enough" to be actually create a successful business.
      •  You start and stop working on your business but never actually launch anything.
      The 6 Figure Mama Live Coaching Program is for you if you are an Established Mompreneur and...
      • You lack consistency with your branding and messages.
      •  You still charge by the hour (this by the way is costing you time and money!)
      •  You are working too many hours trying to get your business going and you still aren't making the money you should.
      •  You started your business to have more time for yourself and your kids but you feel exhausted, stressed, stretched to the max.
      The 6 Figure Mama Live Coaching Program is NOT for you if you are 
      • You do not have any interest in making money online, whether as your main source of income, a passive source of income, or any other source of income in between.
      • You do not have 5 hours per week to spend on your future. Actually, to be brutally honest, if you don’t have 5 hours per week to spend on creating a better life for yourself or building your dream business, this course is a MUST HAVE for you and you should go directly to the bottom of the page and sign up right this minute! HURRY! You especially have no time to waste.
      • You are a digital marketing professional. In this course, I teach the basics of getting a product launched and marketed online…you know this stuff.  
      • Make 6 figures in the next year by learning how to package and sell your services
      • Own your worth and use talents in the best way possible to create your dream business
      • Get crystal clear on your dream client and start attracting them now
      • Ease into effortless sales conversations that make you money
      • Get super clear about what you want and how to do it so you can stop stressing and start enjoying building your business
      • Have more time and money to take care of yourself and spend with your loved ones.
      ...then The 6 Figure Mama Live Coaching Program is exactly program you have been looking for.
      The time for playing small is over. Take control of your life and your bank account. 

      Module 1: Crystalize Your Vision

      No more putting your dreams on the back burner. Now is your time to shine. Design your ideal life. Get clarity on which of your unique talents will fulfill you AND make you lots of money. Discover your dream client and how you can support them with your services. 

      Module 2: Design Your Brand

      Time to inspire! Discover how to create an authentic brand that makes you stand out from the crowd. Connect to your purpose and weave this into your messaging and the look and feel of your offerings. Create a brand you are proud of and that magnetizes clients to you.

      Module 3: Structure The Package of Your Services

      Get ready to own your worth and design a signature package that your dream client can't say no to. Learn how to structure and price your services so they sell. Get confident on how to articulate the benefits of your program and the transformation you are creating for your clients.

      Module 4: Design Your Offer

      Ignite your business with an irresistible offer that starts feeding you potential clients right away. Discover the "how-to's" for setting up the systems you need to begin to grow your email lead list so you can start making sales.

      Module 5: Get Clients

      Feel empowered as you learn how to attract your ideal customers on social media using a combination of compelling content and paid advertising campaigns. 

      Module 6: Effortless Sales

      Ready to have conversations around your services with confidence? Get the tools you need to start selling your services without any guilt or shame and without sounding "salesy".
      Weekly 6 Figure Mama Course Trainings
      At the beginning of every week, video trainings will be released for you on topics ranging from designing your signature package to leveraging the power of social media to get a stream of customers flowing to you.  Each training will have templates for you to use to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Start making progress with launching your business and write down any questions you may have to bring to our Live Coaching Calls.
      Weekly Group Live Coaching Calls
      Every Friday, we will meet together virtually for our 6 Figure Mama Live Group Coaching call.  This is your opportunity to receive additional coaching and ask questions you may have.  Don't worry if for some reason you can't make it as you'll also receive the recordings of each class.
      The 6 Figure Mama Business Templates
      Included in your program are over 20 templates to help you brainstorm your brilliant business ideas. Templates will cover everything from defining your dream client to crafting your first freebie (lead magnet) to content creation and more. Your 6 Figure Mama Templates will help you map out the action steps you need to launch your first offer online.
      6 Figure Mama Sisterhood Group
      This is your Private Facebook 6 Figure Mama Group designed to offer you daily guidance and support. You can ask questions, show us what you are working on and get additional feedback on your business. This is your space to connect with mamas on the same path as you. 
      BONUS! 6 Figure Mama Money Mindset Training
      Are you ready to free yourself from the financial hangups that are holding you and your business back from getting the success you know you’re meant for. This mindset training teaches you how to make more money and break free from financial blocks holding you back in life and business. Get access to simple mindset shifts and tools that will transform your relationship with money.
      "Jessica helps people identify their passion and what they need to be fulfilled and happy. She is an expert at digital marketing has an excellent business sense. She brings these skills to her consultancy/coaching relationships to flawlessly teach others how to grow their business and improve the quality of their lives. She also has a beautiful intention and spirit, coming from a deep spirituality that shines from within her. Jessica helped me become a better business woman who leads with mindfulness. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level and achieve their dreams!" 

      Tressa Schultze
      Product Manager
      "Jessica coached me on creating a concept for my new business. This was something that I struggled getting started with because it seemed so overwhelming. Jessica’s vision was beyond anything I could imagine.”!

      Beth Vaughan
      Spiritual Response Therapy Teacher & Healer
      Starting in February
        Early Bird Special
          • 6 Figure Mama Training Course
          •  Membership in Private FB Group
          •  BONUS! 6 Figure Mama Money Mindset Training
          Early Bird Special
            • 6 Figure Mama Training Course
            •  6 Live Training Calls
            •  Over 20 Business Templates
            •  Membership in Private FB Group
            • Laser 1:1 Coaching Sessions With Jessica
            •  BONUS! 6 Figure Mama Money Mindset Training
            Starting in February
              I just started my business- can I still take this program?  
              Absolutely! This is all of the information you need to launch your first offer online and start building momentum in your business.
              I'm a healer, should I take this program? 
              Yes! This program works as long as you are a service-based business such as a coach, consultant, art therapist, blogger,  graphic designer, fitness expert, social media expert, etc.  As long as you are looking to attract customers online, you can utilize the information I share in this program to jumpstart your business.
              I'm still trying to figure out what to focus on in my business, will this course help give me direction?
              Yes! This program will help you identify the person/group you want to work with as well as what you want to offer them.
              How is this program different from other programs?
              This is the only program geared toward mamas who want to launch their business online.  The content was developed from my own journey in creating a thriving consulting business I ran from my home. Also, unlike a lot of other courses which just give you the material for you to consume, you get access to me every week for live coaching and Q & A.
              How will I get the content?
              This is an online course so everything will be stored on our Member’s Site. Before the program starts, you will be sent a link where you can register. Each week a different module will be released along with any templates you may need.
              What if I can't attend the calls?
              No worries, all of our calls will be recorded so you an listen to them on your own time.
              Am I guaranteed to make money?
              As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to programs like this, but my previous clients have gotten incredible results using the same tools and tactics you are going to learn. Building a business takes time and hard work. Results are based on your commitment and your ability to successfully implement what you've learned. 
              © Jessica Yarbrough - The Mompreneur Coach™ All Rights Reserved 2017